Wednesday, July 1, 2009

26th june.-- flight delayed.

morning u all...

i'll update secara express ya..

this is when we were waiting for our flight on 26th june..
i think this is the best bday for nieza since we're going vacation on her special day..
we all semua sgt ceria n full of excitement.
none of us have ever been to KK before so mmg terujaaa sangat la..
cam wndering jek how's the city is..will it be as pretty as what in pictures bla bla bla..

the flight should be on 1030pm but delayed for 1hr..

dahla sejoookk okk tguu nak terbang tu..
sib baik ada bwk shawl..

sampai kat terminal 2 dlm kol 1230am, awg mu dah menunggu..
then we headed to our apartment at api-api..

to be continued =)....

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