Thursday, May 19, 2011

papparich on 1st may

walaupun pagi tu dah bekpes mi goreng yg saza masakkan, we all ttp jugak nak lepak minum jap
awl sangat puunnn kalo nak g jln tar awg mu kata
so lepak2 la dulu

he brought us to papparich at pj state
salu tgk bloggers je update mkn kat cni kan
now its my turn
tercapai jugak hasrat nak lepak kat cni
hahhaa jgn gelak ok
bknnya ada kat kuching pun so wajib la pegi :)

snap2 tu harus! :)

i heart them so much!

am so glad for having them as friends
cos boys come n go but bestfriends will stick w me
when good or bad

the whole session was all abt me and my break up stories
how can i m not telling n share my heartaches w them?
theres no one to blame though
i guess its my mistake to give it all so much it hurts at last
cos when ure hoping too much this is gonna happen when things falls apart
its ok is a risk.u may win or loose
i m losing this time but i wont give up till i found the one
just pray w me ok

milo dinosour eh nama dia?

we ordered some sandwiches too but no pics at all
sbb semua tgn bz jek nk mkn
pagi2 dah mkn byk kannnnnnnnn

amik pic terus upload ;)

awg mu sedang berhujah mengenai kisah kaseh sayang yg tak kesampaian
his point of view also taken la kan
sbb kena dgr jugak frm kaum lelaki ni

am just thankful and this trip comes at the right time
dats all i can say
w their opinios, suggestion, tips and such really helps me to motivate myself back

sempat lagi :)

after sejam camtu we all heading to jln tar plak
awg mu x join sbb nak kena g klia pick up his parents frm kch

jap g update cita jln tar plak k

till later!

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mOnAlEa said...

milo tabur ya........teringin kamek eh