Thursday, July 15, 2010

visting juzz

i supposed to go to gym after i finished my shift at 8pm
but somehow my mind is thinking about juzz's condition
i really wanted to visit her.
n risau jugak sebenanya
sapa x risau.
she's more than a friend for me.
dah macam sisters.

so i smsed nieza n we cancelled d plan to gym
after keja terus drove to nieza's house n fetched her up
sampai umah juzz dlm kol 830pm camtu la

bila nmpak juzz kan alhamdulilah she looks better than the last time i visited her
nmpak sihat sket
dulu pucat yarabbi i tell u
td nmpak a lot better
she can talks, laughs n gossiping too
haha sempat
but im glad dat she finally recovering
semoga cepat2 sembuh juzz
serious kmk sik sabarrrr mok lepak ngan ktk gik
g oldtown, encarik baju kacak d MNG, our weekly mcd epot sessions, raon2..
i just miss u juzz
i bet all the besties pun sama

n she told me dat she cant wait to go back to work next monday
mudahan semuanya baik2 je for her

thanx for all the doa, the prayers from all the readers
really appreciate dat

i'll update more about her soon ya.
for now she's getting better


Mama_Nabihah said...

tedah juzz... semoga juzz cepat bait. kim salam ngan juzz zaa... juzz ya nang best di mbak poret. hahaha... :p

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Fieza, here's wishing your friend a speedy recovery, and all the very best.....
This wish coming from Canada.
Tell her to keep a song in her heart. You too.
Have a pleasant weekend, Lee.