Sunday, July 11, 2010

for 2 weeks

hye sayangs

sorry for the lack of updates
have things happen around me but so malas to update eh
i also dont know y

now cam makin malas la nak update
tutp terus blog ni agak2 ada yg carik tak?
xde kot kan

semlm is my offday
sabtu lepak2 jek kat umah
depan tv main the WD media player tgk movies
i watched 3 movies so far; she's out of my league, i love u phillip moris n my sister's keeper
best semua2 tu
recommended utk tgk :)

so now dah stat keja balik
for the whole 2weeks my shift will be started at 12noon till 8pm
meaningnyaaaaa bgn pukol 10 akan menjadi habit
i'll usually skip my breakfast n lunch terus salunya

and one more thing
i will start my gym session after A MONTH!
and within dat period of tym i enjoyed myself eating like a pig
be it day n nite, mmg makaaaaaannn sahaja!
n with dat i gained 2kg!
disebabkan hujung bln nanti nak g trip, i need to look good
plus RAYA thn ni ada teman dah
n dia pun semangat nak lose weight
mana mungkin dia dapat badan hebat tp saya?
i will try my best!

lagi 2bln nak raya weh!


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