Tuesday, May 26, 2009

melayan perasaan.

4 days more to go b4 we welcome d month of june.
half year already passed by.
what did we achieve in life?
in career-wise?
all the azam d bln januari sudah tercapaikah?

me, masih bkerja d takuk lama.
i dont even apply for any job since like forever.
its not dat i love my job so much but talking about the keselesaan, yes, im too comfortable with what i have now.
even i have to work thru shifts but it dont bother me.
dah biasa org kata..

emmmm skip dat part boleh?
well, im still d same :fieza-who-loves-n-enjoy-being-single-not-even-yet-looking kinda person.
single sucks sometimes.
hurtful when u have to attend another schoolfrens' weddings here n there.
even my juniors are producing babies ok..
hah.panick attack d situ.
thinking about dat, mula laaaa takot..
my biological clock is ticking now okkkk..
i wanna get married b4 i reach the age of 30.
i want to stop making babies when i reach 37.
it'll be like 10 yrs to rock the bed.hahahaa..
i shouldnt elaborate more then. ;P

well, this is the hardest part.
but i'll share w u anyway..

remember how semangatnya saya menguruskan badan stat bln januari lepas?
well, after losing 5kg, i lost my semangat.
i started to eat like a pig.again.
i dont diet.i eat whatever i want to.day n nite.
ayam penyet is like my daily dinner.
i even had double cheese burger when its 10 at nite.
i hardly jog or brisk walking anymore.
i hate to do sit ups or any kind of exercises.
yoga?huh jaoh sekali!

i dunno why i suddenly stop doing what i started.
maybe lack of motivation,no boyfriend to tell me;

"sayang, i'll purchase dat nine west handbag if u can lose 15kg" or
"baby, ure on diet remember!!! u cant eat those!"
"u look prettier if u lose another 5kg.if u can fit M size, i'll buy u a top from warehouse"
"gym at 6 ok"

waaahhhh..if i have dat kind of man, i can lose 1kg per day i tell u!
hahha.in ur dreams la fieza...


back to the reality..
i cant put the blame on any other person.
there's no excuses.
nak 1000 daya.tanak 1000 dalih kan?

im a failure.
i failed to determine myself.
i failed to keep up to my own promises.

if i keep doing what ive been doing starting january, i should've been losing about 20kg. TWENTYYYYYYY!!!
but what have i done to myself?

so people, i need to start from scratch.[again]
i will be on diet mode starting tomorrow.
i will tell u how much i weigh n insyaAllah this tym i'll be at my best to lose like what i achieved b4.

my aim: i'll keep dat to myself.
to u hat-c, im looking forward to see what u hv for me when i finally can lose what u hv challenged me.
remember right?how many kg i wont tell la.malu.heh.
hat-c, if i can lose ** kg, can i have a brand new perfume set?
i want pretty by elizabeth arden.heh.



juzz said...

semangat za.pat nageh hadiah dr hatc next month.;)

~MaNjAmAS~ said...

im on diet now..dah 3 weeks camtu la..mmg x seksa langsung! i dont have target and i dont even timbang berat..hahaha..whut i do is, cutting the carbs..if seminggu 14x makan nasik..now 4x jek, tu pun sesenduk..every meal makan cam bese, tp lauk jer la..

mmg x seksa langsung! kadang2 kt cafe, beli sepinggan ada sayur n lauk, no nasik..tu pun dah x habes..cam cepaaaaatttt jek kenyang..pas 2-3 bulan baru timbang la kot..sbb, i love surprises!

gud luck with ur diet plan..janji nye jgn seksa2 sgt..once dah comfortable with d diet, sng je nk jadikan dia as routine..

f.i.e.z.a said...

tegal hatc la mek stat balit.hadiah mahal kata nyampun tek..x saba tok..

f.i.e.z.a said...

thanx sis!i baru stat today.cut off the nasik n sweet drinks.
i tanak la cakap lebih2 kali ni..just nak maintain semangat n disiplin jek..
segan kalo kali ni x kurus lagi.huk huk.

susudalambotol said...

betul cakap awak, sekejap je dah masuk pertengahan tahun kan? masa sekarang berputar sama bila kita tgk dalam balang yg ada garam tu.

haih, ada lagi ni misi2 tak tercapai :(

shnrianna said...

harus sampe opis sik nait lif gik..gi toilet nait jak tangga bh..exercise...:)

s a L o m a said...

dah cari pretty by EA,takde lah dear.. :)

f.i.e.z.a said...


time really flies kan?cam baru semlm jek tulis all those azam yg cam senang jek nak capai.
sama2 la kita capai balik azam b4 lagi 6 bln ni abis.hehe

f.i.e.z.a said...

maka harus!
nait g toilet xda gik k lif.mek try la..yerseh!

f.i.e.z.a said...

bkn pretty.beauty ada tak?