Tuesday, May 12, 2009

morning semua..

selamat pagi........

i have lots of stories to share.
lots of pics to enjoy looking at..[enjoy ka?;P]
i'll be back w updates k..

its my off day btw..
after tiring 7working days baru offday.
my back ache, bahu penat sangat2..
yups..dats the result of 7dayx8hrs working secara dudok sahaja stret!
u do the maths.
sapa2 yg buat roster we all seopis, mintak2 dia sakit blakang sampai tua.
mintak tukar ke 6days x boleh.ape kejadahnya tak boleh ntah.
oppss its not good to whine in d morning..
but i cant help it no more.
serious my back ache like crazy.


kak ina will do me some massage later on..
i hope i'll be feeling better.

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Anonymous said...

get well soon..:P..~9949~