Friday, September 26, 2008

huge confession


to those who's been asking where's my chenta hati,
well, im no longer w him anymore.
for all this while ive been silent about it n now i want to say it out loud.
im single u alll!!!!

i thought he's the one but sadly he's not.
im not regretting to let him go cos honestly im not really dat happy being w him..
i have deleted all those posts about us and his pics..
and now im happier.seriously..
i learnt a lot actually..
1stly when u think u have fallen in love, think twice..
and dont rush to be in a rship..
2nd is, observe.dont easily giving chances.
and thats my biggest mistake i should say..
i dont know him at all but i gave him d chance..
d chance dat he obviously wasted..
we had dat sparks for the 1st week..
but it fading from time to time..
i tried to understand him but yet i cant..
i want to be w him but part of me say d other way around..
the feeling has gone..

it sucks big time when i finally knew dat..
but i dont want to hurt my own feelings, my own self
im tired of the daily basis heartache...
i cant take it any longer..
so i decided to let go n move on..
he's a good guy but he's not for me..

dont ask me about him anymore..
cos i dont know and i dont want to know.

im leaving u my dear..
and will never return..

i have a speak-my-mind song

hush hush by pussycat dolls..
here it is..u can listen here


Anonymous said...

giya org.. usah d rayu pd yg x sudi.. ktk x rugi papa zaa.. wut past is past, jgn d kenang gik...buang yg keruh ambil yg jernih... d kenang pun ukan oleh duit beribu-ribu... redha jak zaa.. kita hanya merancang ALLAH menentukan. mungkin da hikmah d sebalik... enjoy2 kan dirik lok ngan kawan2, ok! -nyza-

f.i.e.z.a said...


kmk nang x rugi papa.xda juak mek nok merayu la mek merempat nya xda.hahha.kejap jak mek 2 bah..xda gnei2 juak.nang kmk redha n moving on happily now..ada tak ngga mek sedeh?xda nak?
enjoy za..biar berkali2 salah pilih kekasih(yer engga) jgn salah pilih hubby.. =)

Sabarcute said...

sabar k laki bukannya sorg ada byk gik dlm dunia tok dimana2 jak mun ktk mok..may b nang org laki ya bukan yg t'baik & yang ALLAH bukan jodohkan utk ktk..mungkin ada hikmah semua tok & ALLAH nak ktk b'sabar dlm making relationship INSYA-ALLAH

f.i.e.z.a said...


saba byk dah kmk aie..keep on giving him chances but still gya juak..
redha jak kmk tok sab.xda mek ngereco nya xda.its fated..dah tertulis n Nya jak tauk kenak jd camya..
jerak ada juak ko mok kenal org baru..xhal.i'll get better in time..