Saturday, September 6, 2008

do u believe in a second chance?

i bet u all have heard those cliche second chance.
am i right?
have u done any huge mistakes dat u think dat u wont be forgived?
have u ever hurt someone's feeling till u cried, begging for forgiveness?
life aint dat easy..
i made a huge mistake.
and im afraid.
if i dont get that chance ever again, i wont forgive myself.
yes, im stupid.
im harsh..
i did something dat i shouldnt do..
i was in rage and i cant think peacefully.
n regretting all my wrong doings.

yes, i m not perfect.
not even close..
people make mistakes..
and mistakes are meant to be learnt from..

i m so messed up...
how i wish i could ever turn back time..
and cherish all the good old days.

im sorry and please forgive me..


Anonymous said...

best tek ehh g kpg kita beli juadah... hehehe... rasanya mek yg over berbeli sungguh x posa.. wah wah wah... shyyyttt... -nyza-

f.i.e.z.a said...

apa komen tok xda kaitan ngan tajuk entry.hehe..
kmk byk juak berbeli.rasa posa..xhal.bkn salu dapat sgkey d opiskan.. ;)