Monday, June 27, 2011

post party entry ;P

here i am in front of my pc at 2.58am
reached home 15mins after 2am ok!
yes u read it right.2.15pagi baru sampai umah
gila kan!

well bukan salu.just occasionally.
sbb kan bday nieza
we had dinner at bing w few friends
and i also got an advanced bday gift from azie
will blog about it later

we had so much fun indeed
dgn juzz yg tgh mnunggu hari nak deliver baby pertamanya
excited sunggoh
and yg paling excited nya suprises dat we had for nieza
1st, the gift she received from all of us
2nd, the cuppies dat i specially ordered
and 3rd, the karaoke session!


actually the karaoke thingy is not in d plan
bobet was heading to send me back when i told her i still don't wanna go home
feels like i have lots to tell n share
u know, pompuan kan
sessi berkongsi pendapat ttg hal perasaan yg tak abis2

tetiba bobet ajak g karaoke!
i was like ehhhhhhhhh biar betekkkk kitak betttt!
and it was 11pm oredi!
i dont mind to go since its my offday tomorrow
dorang la yg keja ofc hours ni i risau la kan
tapi dorang ni pun gigeh la nak pegi
so proceed.
sampai dua tpt karaoke penoh masa we all survey tu last2 ke popwave padungan
rm22 jek sorang ko nyanyila sampai lebam
and bobet belanjaaaaaaaaaaaa!

serious it was fun!
fun to the max!
i sang with my whole-heartedly.macam2 la lagu aku tibai
the best song for dat session was sedetik lebih
now jadi my lagu wajib!
its not dat i feel ada org kesayangan ke but the lyrics just too beautiful
suka sangat ah!

dari kol 1130 sampai 1.45am ok!
rasa cam kejap gila!
i sang like nearly 10 songs i guess
seronok ehhhhh
bila nak karaoke lagi ni?

oklah dats all
update begambar akan menyusul esok k

esok mlm ada dins dins with hathsey plak
he's in town for a week
oh i cant wait to see him again
last time jumpa kat kl tak sempat nak smbang lama
esok balas dendam ok! ;P

hatc, i have sooooooooooooo much to tell
sooooooooo much to share
bare with me tomorrow ok!
jgn ko cancel last menet agik siap!

till next entry.
dah kol 3.28am omg
i have to hit the sack.NOW!

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mOnAlEa said...

best mun sesekali fieza