Friday, June 26, 2009

happy bday darlingku~

today is a very very happy day..

firstly sbb last keja then i'll hv 5days off to travel w my bunch of friends[nieza,juzz,bobet,awg mu n a-p] to KK tonight at 1030pm..
sapa2 rasa nak anta me kat airport tu sila2 la ye..ehemm pasan artis.heh

happy bday zaaaa!!
last june 2008.dlm belon nak g kl shopping holiday

nieza w hat-c.i miss hat-c ok..too bad he couldnt make it to this trip :'(
she's a food lover i tell u.we love to try new place to eat. =)

mek doakan ktk dapat apa yg diinginkan dlm hidup..
in love-wise and ur career too.. =)
also, mudahan jodoh cepat2 dtg..nei tauk tertemu d airport mlm tok ka..
mun sik masa snorkeling kelak ka.aisehh!!
on ur special day i wld like to say,
thanx a lot for always being there when i need u the most..thru my bad n happy days..
ure such a good listener where u always listen to me even its stupid silly things.. ;P
u're such a joker where u always make me laugh like there's no tommorow..tee hee..
u're a my savior when my heart being broken.again n again.i dont mind cos i always have u..
i cried a bit n the nxt day we'll go shop n eat blah blah blah..heheh
how i wish there's someone like u out there..but in a male's version lah!.
seriously.. ;P
i wish u all the good things in life for u..
cos u're loved by lots of people n i know ur mr right will come his way in no time at all. =)
muah muah!
p/s: bday party will be held in 1 borneo esok.waaaaaaaaa excited!hehhe


Ms Tikot said...

Happy Beday to Nieza. Gi KK jgn lupak gi pasar malam nya best... G kedei Jamilah byk crystal..

khairul onggon said...

Hepi bday Nieza.. jgn lupak meli gelang kristal k kmk juak auwww!!

Mdm.Nyza said...

happy bday nieza... semoga pjg umur & d murahkan rezeki.. :)

AmirFX said...

Hepi Holiday bagi ktk n hepi besday bagi Nieza..

n i e z a said...

awwww za, im deeply touched. thank u so much for the special entry. i feel so important. haha..

ms tikot, onggon, nyza & amir;
makseh juak. :)