Sunday, July 8, 2012


its july 7th!
meaning its my birthday!
my 29th this year :D

oh em ji
this will be my last being twenties
are u kidding me????
i still feels like i just graduated from high school!
as IF

my wishes for this year are:

more happiness
better health
better wealth
better career
better man. eh

well of course i would want someone special to spend my life with
i know i will meet him someday
true love will wait, i know.

I thank Allah for all the nikmat He showered me with
a loving family especially my mommy, love her truly
and i have bestfriends that always be there whenever in need
juzz, nieza, bobet, ap, awang mu and sue
they're the closest friends i have and im thankful for that
also my colleagues that fun to work with
im blessed with all the love surrounds me
and i always remind myself that everything comes from Allah
and i should always appreciate what i have before its too late

happy birthday to me!
im 29 and fabulous!


AmirFX said...

Hepi belated besday Pijot! All the best 2 u..

Azman Ashoda said...

Happy B-lated Birthday...