Friday, October 24, 2008

what a day.

morning peeps...

i didn't update yesterday because my streamyx has been suspended.
haha padan muka..
mati kutu dlm bilik since xleh online and i couldnt stand this situation any longer.
so this morning i wanted to ask my mum who works at BSN to do d payment on behalf of me.


i forgot to gv her the bill and d cash when i sent her to d ofc just now.

today is friday and the usual process for reconnection will takes about 24 hrs working day.
ceaaa ai kan keje bhgn billing for tm fixed line so taulakan proses2nya.heh.
if it cant be done today, the latest i'll get my line back is on nxt monday.
next monday okkkkk..
having my weekends without onlining?
a BIG NO NO!!!

my faults la cos i keep on delaying the payment.
kan dah kena suspend.

i called juzz just now asking if she can help me to go to d nearest tm point this afternoon.
i hope she'll can help me through this cause i really need my internet.
cant live without it.huhu..

to make my day 'happier', my beloved hp dah stat meragam.
no 3,8 n 9 x boleh tekan, dah stuck.
and when i slide the cam, terus off.
daaaammmnnn kan? yg lain still ok.
tp tu laa..msg x dpt n taking photos mmg x boleh la obviously.
as a blogger taygar kononnya, i need my S.E cameraphone back in action asap.
but, of course i need to repair it first.
and this will cost me some more.
*sigh again n again*

it's ok.i'll try to find ways to go through all these..
i'll be fine..hehhe..
and now im using my old berjasa nokia 7650 for a while.
kadang cam nyesal lak beli hp S.E
x sampai sethn dah macam2.
my nokia ni dah 4yrs, jatoh gedebuk camane pun still OK.

k la peeps.
need to go cont my work.

*seb baek leh online kat ofc.kalo x, pengsan!!!!*

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Mdm.Nyza said...

giney kursus tek zaa..? kmk esok eh kursus p half day jak.. cella sama juak sok.. nsb ada shira, tina & cella keja sok k teman d ofis, mun x, sunyek kmk... dah 2 bln x keja weekend.. huhuhu.. oo tedah, xpat nak on9 d umah.. ciannyaa.. mun rajin g lah opis, semata2 nak on9... hehehe.. :p