Thursday, October 9, 2008

pics raya at kak ros's crib

hye dearie people..

how's ur day so far?
for me, im quite bz with d endless calls.
kate keje call center kan..

here's some pics of me n my fellow colleagues at kak ros's.
kak ros's organized an open hse mkn2 session on 2nd day raya..
and of course i wld be joining! tee hee hee..
those pics baru jek uploaded today frm her cam..
dats y pending semggu d whole story..
soo enjoice!

kak ros(tdg merah), nieza, me, kak sue, mbok n zaffan cutie

us again.

posing kat hall.

now with kak suma(tdg pink)

kak ros masak sedaaap bangat..
ada soto ayam, satay, kuah kacang.ape lagi ek?emm lupo la..
thanx kak ros for the delicious food. =)

*now i tgh craving nk mkn nasik impit n kuah kacang.

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