Saturday, November 17, 2012

lunch and a red rose and finally :)

ohhh how should i start?

i am all smiling by now ;P
im on cloud nine
nuff said

remember the guy which i had lunch with at sakae sushi last month?
he was in town again
but this time for good
because he received a pretty job offer here in kch
wont talk about his job though

yang penting, dia datang lagi and invited me for lunch
at puzzle, pullman hotel
together with his two bestfriends
his treat katanya

i was like okkk dengan kawan dia sekali
waaa segannyaaaa la hai!
but i datang jugak
sbb i wanted to meet him again of course
after three weeks of non stop whatsapp and calling2 sessions hehe

i sampai a bit late
dlm 15mins camtu la
dorang semua dah sampai okkkk

sokay. tak sengaja kannnn.
sampai je me semua pun start amik mkn masing2
segannya time ni
i sampai tak tau nak mkn apa
nampak roast beef amik la few slices
then salad and ada ulam2.
belasah je sbb nabes punya pasal

layan je la pics eh

 yours truly

 the desserts bar
pumpkin pie sangat la sedap!

 our table
watermelon juice for me
and honeydew for him

i takde la amik pics beriya
sket2 dah.
segan kan
aku ni penyegan sungguh
especially kalau dengan strangers yg aku tak penah jmpa
bkn sombong tapi segan -.-

 my fav.
mango mousse
dap gils!

 the view

had a good time with him
and his friends too 

lepas lunch i temankan mr y beli bag for keja 
nak bag for his lappy and such
singgah kat sarawak plaza

bila dah jmpa bag pilihan, we were heading to the lift when he asked me something

"kat kuching tok siney kedai bunga ooo?"

i was like, "kedai bunga? florist ooo. emmm apahal ngan kedai bunga?"

"i wanted to buy flowers for u"

and me went "bunga????"

"aie mena la bunga. for youuuu"

hahhahaha ya jak dapat djawab

"are u sure???"

"yes of course i am" kata mr y lagi

dlm gelak2 tu google jugak la florist mana ada kat kch ni
jmpa satu tak jaoh pon

and he asked me to wait in the car
and so i wait

he came with this,
for you he said.

i cant help myself but i just keep on smiling
nang senyum sampei ke telingaaaaa eh

purple some more ok
how do u know i love red roses?

mr y just keep on smiling himself
senyum jak didnt say anything tho.
but we both feels the same way

awhhhh hes too sweet
nuff said.


later that night we went for some shopping and a movie date
skyfall la of course
the movie was good and with him as my company, it couldnt be better
he was super sweet, i dont know what to say

actually weeks before we met again he said something about us
about a relationship together
but it was not easy to trust again
plus the heartaches i had before was major
i completely crushed and i am not looking for another one with anybody
but with him i feel safe and comfortable

i slowly opened up to him and let the time be the judge
i told him let just go with the flow
u know, just to be sure with our own feelings
but when he came with the bouquet in his hands plus the meeting w his besties,
i know he's serious.
plus he never fails to call me and whatsapping me when needed
he's always there.

u know the feeling when u finally have to make a decision?
i did last nite and i dont wanna lose this chance
its official
between me and him
in a relationship now :D

i accepted him because he gave me space and time
i accepted him because we have so much in common
he let me be myself
i feel safe with him
i can talk silly and dont have to act like im not myself
he's not a romantic in words but when he does, he gave me flowers

his words that i will never forget
"and deciding to have you to fill in the gap"

im glad i said yes.

its still new and i know the journey ahead is still far to reach
but both of us wanted the same thing
to be together for a very long time
insyaAllah and may Allah bless the relationship

pray for me too will you?



Nurrul Mohamad said...

fiwittttt MAHWAKUUU

Mon MonaLea said... sweet. happy for you.