Friday, November 30, 2012

kisah fettu carbonara

hye readers!

remember my last post where i missed him the most?
well yeah.
we met last nite for late dinner

my shift ended at 8pm so he fetched me up at 9pm
my mom asked me to send things for baby muhaimin at kak nora's place
so off we went to semariang then nak ke town lagi dah jam 930 camtu

dia dah makan awal sbb tak larat nak tggu i balik keja
because of too busy he skipped his lunch
kesian betol
so temankan i makan je la
turn dia plak temankan i makan haha

so i was thinking about pasta at bella italia
located at shoplots in front of four points hotel
lamaaa dah tak lepak situ
ajak la dia ke sana
sampai2 dah kol 10 but i was postively think that the shop is still open
but when we arrived, the closed sign showed up
siap dorang dah prepare nak mop bagai

i was so frustrated

he looked at me and said "jom g four points depan tu je, nak? bukak lagi kot restaurant kat dalam tu"
and i said okkk jom lah.
it was our first time there
i have no idea tutup kol berapa

parked ur car at the basement and straight to the lobby

saw some nice restaurants there
wrapped and the eatery

"jom try kat sini" kata my boyfie bila sampai depan the eatery

takde orang pun okk
yelah masa tu dah kol 10 kompom la dah lengang

sangat cosy and very nice ambience i must say
plus it was just the two of us
we like! :)

 my mango smoothie
and his fresh orange

i ordered fettucini carbonara
pasta at wee hours

sangat sedaaaaappp!

before my food came, we took pictures together
i took lots of his pics too
ohh it was fun
being with him just remain silent pun jadi fun as well
like seriously

after makan, we jalan2 dulu kat lobby
tengok lampu, tengok bars ohh memang sangat cantek

sehari jek tak jmpa tapi rindu cam kan setaun tak ketemu
ngegehhhh statement tok tapi pedulikkkk

i know u guys wanted me to post our pic here
i prefer not to at this very moment
but i will share it one day
one fine day


so have a nice weekends everyone
owh one more thing, he's going to meet my family on saturday
sessi berkenalan la kiranya aisehhhhh
but before that ada dinner session with my besties on friday nite
cant wait to meet my bestfriends and intro them to my boypren

pehhh nerve wrecking ok!
jumaat, jumpa besties
sabtu, jumpa family plak
kompom dia lagi nervous agaknya

hope everything will be just fine.


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M.A.M.A said...

bella italia... sekali mek pernah makan pizza kat sia di mbak laki mek.. sedap... hehhehe..