Saturday, March 10, 2012

movie nite!

here comes the actual update about the movie and pictures to tell :)
i was looking forward to watch this means war cos i read a lot of good reviews abt this movie
baca tweets pun semua cakap best
eh tak boleh jadi ni
so khamis je la ada masa

earlier that day, i siap cek online kol brp ada available
sekali tgk show kol 1015pm je ada
takpe, belasah je

so lepas balik keja mandi semua2 then kuwa balik kol 830pm and fetched bobet
to mbo the spring we go
sampai2 jek terus dapat parking depan entrance
mmg best feeling itu

 budak ceria
dlm lif pun sempat snap

terus g singgah beli tiket
sib baik tak full lagi
paid then jln2 kejap

 i always love reese witherspoon
my fav actress of all time!

tgk jam dah kol 945pm so singgah kat kluang station
minum2 je sbb saja nak kill the time

hot tea for bobet, hot honey lemon for me

bobet ngambik pic kmk

kmk amik pic bobet

ya jak la keja mek duak
dah nama kuwa berdua jak kan
i should be grateful cos bobet is still here with me
dengar2 she'll be transferred to miri soon
oh my i cant imagine my life without my closest friends around
sunyek la amek -_____________________-
hopefully the plan will be postponed or cancelled la
better that way haha selfish me
hahha no lah bobet
if thats your rezeki, just go ok
i can take care of myself
and nieza's busy with her wedding preparation
susah sket nak kuwa salu
but sokay, im good with it
alaaaa dok kuching jugak kan
kalo nak kuwa lunch ke no hal la nak kuwa kejap
as long as we can bbm all the time, its ok
im fine :)

blueish me

oh back to the movie
this means war is totally hillarious
funny gila!
if u dont have time to watch this, go buy yourself a dvd or just download it
rugi tak tengok

cita dia pasal bestfrens; tuck and fdr yg suka the same girl; lauren
dua2 mmg hensem nak mampsss tapi i prefer tuck all the way
his smiles emmm his eyes his body, the way he talks emm just heavenly good to me
as if i could find a malay guy this good
mun jumpa pun macam ku berani to say hi
jaik2 pun jelin2 jak dari jaoh

oh tuck.

i was drooling over him from start till the end of this movie
nuff said
muntah ijo kelak

this movie is best lah
awesomeness level 9000000!!!

bah till next movie review

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