Saturday, December 31, 2011

last entry of 2011

less than an hour 2011 will leave us
its been a bittersweet year
not too good and yet not that bad either

being alive, healthy and surrounds by my family and lovely friends are just good enough for me
thank u Ya Allah for all the good things happening
for the bad, i'll take it as a lesson
though its very painful but i learnt so much

i have few resolutions but lets just keep it to myself
to lose weight is so 2008 kan?
well im losing some for these past three weeks and trying my very hard to get my ideal weight before i turn 29 in july
lets see if its really happening
(kelak tauk ada reader nganok mun sik kurus2 nak?)

and for 2012 for careerwise semoga naik pangkat or naik lagi gaji dengan meriahnya
i also want to travel more
to save more money as well
to take care of my health
and be a better muslimah insyaAllah

and last but not least, may this coming new year brings me a true love that lasts till the end

happy new year my readers

for blogwise, i will update as frequent as i can

see u soon.



AmirFX said...

Hepi Niu Year Pijot! Wish ktk capai azam ktk untuk tahun baru tok kelak.. InsyaAllah...

Mama_Nabihah said...

happy new year za! semoga doa & impian ktk akan tercapai dalam tahun tok... Aminn... :)

Bila nak kuar tek? Mala sik jadi. hehe..