Sunday, December 4, 2011

bila rindu

i was fb-ing
and suddenly feels like changing the profile pic
so i browse the profile pics album
and i picked a picture dat i like
click at it
n read the comment on dat pic

and there i saw a comment from my ex
and saw his profile pic too
i want to click at his profile to see his pic closer
but i just cant

sedeh gilak rasa ati
alu begenang aek mata
ya ku lemah mukak pic nok lamak2

so i just deleted his comment

kenak oo
maseh juak ku sedeh
kali rindu
kali lah.
kali nya rindu mek juak
nei kita tauk

but rindu wont change anything
bak kata romputeh:

"sometimes the person we want the most is the person we're best without"


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