Thursday, December 22, 2011


i was finished watching taken from my HD player alone
d nite was so bored i dont know what to do after i finished work
so watching movie is one of the easiest way to ease the loneliness
instead of just staring on d monitor about fb and twitter and online news and also 9gag

lepas abis dah nangga cita, kemas2 hall then mok masok bilit
before ya cek fb thru my BB
then nangga ada org post link pasal 'malam getaran jiwa sainsku' by fiezalovespurple.blogspot
ok dat sound familiar
eh no wait!
dats my blog!

one of my senior of sm sains kch has posted dat link on his wall
hello bang yusran!
thank you for reading my well mmm blog yg bosan i must say
i didnt update frequently
im not dat productive anyway
but i do appreciate
thank you very much

fyi, i have never posted anything on my fb wall about any post dat ive done
sik tauk la kenak
supan la one of the main reason
i dont mind people to read but knowing them reading ya macam adoi supannya

bah its past 1230am oredi
esok ada meeting kol 230
oh i hate meetings
am i the only one?

time to sleep
esok bekal apa bah?
emm esok la pk
and yes i had maggi in cup for lunch today
it was yummy but i get hungry easily right after
better options next time

till then!
nighty nite!

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daria said...

babe me back on blogger... sik jd make wordpress. makin mnjadi2 malas update hahah