Friday, February 18, 2011

muhasabah diri

feeling down wont help me to feel better
being emotional doesnt help me to reach my goal
to blame other people wont lead me to anywhere

hati mau kuat
jiwa mesti kental

janji mesti ditepati
otherwise u know the answer, fieza!
words wont do any justice here
what u can do is try ur very best!
boh try ajak, result sik nmpak2

boh putus asa fieza
anok jak org, anok jak
boh kalah2 ngan kata2
masok telinga kanan keluar ke kerek terus
yg penting, janji ya mesti ditepati



Ashoda said...

Thats my GIRL!....proud of you...dont ever let anyone gets to you...use all that Criticism as a fuel for your spirit and keep on going!!...Show to them you can achive your gold...remember, action speaks louder than words!...let those people eat their own words k!...i know you can do it!

Mama_Nabihah said...

Za, sabar jak mun org nganok. Makin banyak kita sabar makin banyak pahala kita dapat. And as for penganok or pengata ya, biarlah nya banyak dosa. kin banyak nya mengata, kin banyak dosa nya dapat, tol? cheer up my friend... :)