Tuesday, August 15, 2017

good girl

hye my readers.
how are you peopleee???
i doakan semua readers i sihat2 belaka

last saturday i went to kl to see my parents in law
there are here from bintulu for 10days
actually dorang datang because my FIL ada majlis with petronas
long service award ceremony namanya which will be held in KL convention centre this coming thursday
my FIL has been with petronas for 35 years now so yeah he should be celebrated :D

so sabtu tu me and hubs turun kl nak teman dorang jalan2 area jalan tar
i sukaaaaaaaa my parents in law datang hehee
they really really love me so much you know hahaha
#menantukesayangan :P

sempat snap depan hotel

we went shopping in sogo and jalan tar
penat kemain
takde masa nak snap2 pics dah

and masa kat hotel tu my MIL gave me something
its from your SIL she said

she gave me this!!
for my belated birthday she said
OMG i was speechless when i received this
because ive been eyeing this so long my hubs tak layan dah
penah la try this scent before and the smell is sooooo sooo good
bila tanya harga, i was like emmmmmpphh k #rolledeyes

plus the bottle is so pretty :D

image from google


thanks a LOT my dear SIL
i must have done something right to receive this
i never expected anyone would kindly gave me such expensive gift
im so blessed


till next entry 

love, fieza

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