Thursday, April 4, 2013

bad start for april

i dont always have the urge to update

but when i do, my handphone is emmm rosak terok
and ive to send it to digi since i bought it there

all my photos are IN there

bah dugaan datang sigek-sigek

lemah nyawa mek eh


ya jak tek

tepon jak rosak
tapi i should be grateful with other things that i still have
so wont complain much
even henpon spare which belongs to my mum tok pun oklah
samsung galaxy ace
dapat whatsapp, tweet, fb and insta
nasib nak oo
coba sikpat papa tek nang temenong jakla nangga henpon kedirik


i miss my htc one x

till then

1 comment:

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Fieza, do be very careful when sending a computer or handphone for repairs leaving it overnight at a store.

There has been cases of unscrupulous people who will copy or download people's data or whatever.
When you get it back, change your password ASAP. Be safe.
Best regards, keep a song in your heart.