Friday, March 29, 2013

28th march

haluuuuuuu my dear readers!

its been so long since my last update kan?
i just installed cara senang nak upload pics from my phone
before ni ada prob so tu yang malas nak update
pic ada banyak

takpe kita update pelan pelan k

well it was my boyfie's birthday yesterday
28th march :)
i was so excited to celebrate his birthday u know
selalukan org kalau bday mesti nak call on midnight kan?
takde maknanyaaa
dia kol 9 dah tido

so i waited till the next morning to wish him :)

last nite we went to the eatery at fourpoints to celebrate
the best way to celebrate mestilah nak makan besar kan?
sedap buffet dinner kat sini

we dont do candles.
we have candy stick hahha

and masa my chenta went to the desserts bar i cepat2 gi bayar dinner kat kaunter
dia ni bkn boleh.
susah betol nak belanja dia makan haha

and i took out his bday card and the bday gift i wrapped myself from my handbag
and put it on the table
masa dia sampai tu kan dudok i tengok je muka dia
boleh tak dia tak perasan?
until la dia menoleh ke kiri meja

a cute box but so special inside :)

waaaaaaaaa he said

that was a speechless moment!

he read out the card and unwrapped the bday gift
phewwwww thank God he loves it!~

happy entering 3series my darling!
may you have all the best thing in the world could offer
i love you so so much!



Mon MonaLea said...

so sweet...happy for u

M.A.M.A said...

Happy belated bday chan fieza. Hehehe, so sweet. Senyum lebar mek bca koh.