Tuesday, January 17, 2012

of aunties and uncles :)

i was browsing pictures on my bb when i found these
oh my i wanted to blog about this so long but keep on delaying
delay punya delay sampai masok dah tahun 2012

tak kesah la nak jugak update as kenangan

last year on nov or dec, me n mum went for tahlil for my late arwah nenek saudara
and there i met my dear aunties and uncles
and one of them is my auntie tom abg saufi, my mum's 1st cousin
i was so excited to meet her
lamaaaa gila dah tak jmpa

me and auntie

masa tgh snap2 pics kan my cuzzy, dija pun nak snap jugak
shes one of a kind yg into art and fashion
apalagi bila dah jmpa auntie tom, terus asked for advices and opinios
hehhe seronok dia

 dija and auntie tom

there i met my long lost second cousin, imaan
she's auntie tom's daughter
we were born in the same year and still single 
dat time la kan
now i dont know hehehe

 imaan is sooooo pretty i mean it.very!
and chirpy too

 my mum and her cousins
ramai lagi kat dlm masa ni

some of my mum's cousins dok kat sibu and they know about my prev relationship
u all tau kan?
tak tau sudah hahaha
they never knew dat it has ended
nasib baik la takde soalan cepu emas that nite
kalau tak, tak taula nak jawab apa
like seriously
kompom awkwarrdddddddddddddddd

share the pics she has w mum and auntie sutin

masa ni dok sibuk2 tgk pics ni kan, lepas mkn tau
ingat lepas mkn2 tu nak balik
sekali sambung tgk pics dlm ipad
and continue sembang bla bla blaaaa

then my other auntie cakap "jom la minum dulu awal lagi nak balik kan"
we were served with hot tea and some cakes
and my auntie mariam joined us
she has living in paris for over 20 or 30 years now and shared lots of interesting stories
seronok dgr cita org dok overseas ni kan
but she never forgets the roots
i mean salu kalo dah dok overseas ni mana la nak ckp melayu dah kan
but she's so very down to earth and it was really nice meeting her dat nite
sangat sangat la baik tak sombong sikit pun
sukaaaa :)

sembang punya sembang till its quarter to 12
bkn selalu pun jmpa right?

it was a good get together indeed

till then.


Aida The Pink Goddess said...

these are my cousins too, mak utin, dija, tom abg saufi, so that makes us relatives too!!hehe

f.i.e.z.a said...


makes us cuzzies! ehehe.the hot one aiseh ;P