Wednesday, January 4, 2012

first wedding in 2012

last sunday which is on 1st of january, i attended a wedding
which is held at penview hotel
it was greg and celestina wedding reception
greg's my schoolmate masa sm sains
gigih betol dia hantar invitation card
so agak keji la kalau tak datang kan?
plus i always love weddings
sbb i can meet all my friends there and enjoyed d food of course :)

the dinner was a course by course
so satu2 la sampai bkn cam jamuan mkn salu yg main hidang
1st dish was chicken salad, obor2 n seafood roll

 here's seafood soup.pun sedap
apa la yg tak sedap dlm idup ko kan fieza?

 nasik goreng cina

and thats the only pics i have 
lepas tu hidangan yg dtg were:-
  • daging blackpepper
  • mixed vege
  • ikan kerabu sweet sour
  • itik panggang
  • buah2an
and i tell u, all courses were soooo nice
semuanya sedap belaka
and my friends pun ckp benda yg sama
thats why sampai tak sempat nak snap haha

selain mkn yg sedap, we were also entertained by greg's uncle yg sedap betul suaranya
just name him any genre of songs, he can sing it beautifully
i didnt snap a pic though sbb asyik betol dgr dia nyanyi
and there was also a toast session n cutting d wedding cake

a very nice ceremony :)
jom layan our pics plak


 with juzz my dear bff
juzz, i have a question for u, cnei bleeding tek?

love them so much i must say

 and finally the bride and groom
May God bless u both with all the happiness in the world

one more before i go

till next entry!

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