Thursday, August 18, 2016


i need a laptop.
like right now! :P

kompiden je ari tu update kemain kata nak update selalu
sekali husband dapat keje baru daaaaaaaaaa
kat kuantan plak tu :(

and of course la he brought the laptop along with him
and i was left with nothing LOL 
so after few months dok sekali kat cyberjaya dah kena dudok jaoh balik
what to do?
demi sesuap nasi and demi #damier
ok the damier part just kidding hahahaha

currently im staying alone now for a week already but im fine with it
compared to others who had been jobless and retrenched kan
kan o&g banyak dah buang orang kan
sedeh okay baca kisah org kena buang keje tu
keje dah lama kot
ada yg keja offshore balik onshore dapat email kata takyah pegi keja dah
we're done with you.
haaaa gila kan?
mana ada keluar news cita2 macam ni
since my hubs is working related to it so i knew quite a lot.

to have a husband who had a better offer tu pun dah syukurr sangat
adalah rejeki walaupun kena PJJ
its okay i still can see him via skype
and he will be home in two days time!
cant wait!

so i have to wait for a new laptop baru lah best nak update banyak2 ye tak?
laptop biasa2 pun cukup takyah nak Apple sangat hihi

oklah till next post 


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