Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Bund here i come!

Salam and goodmorning readers!
Here i am updating from my htc so no photos will be uploaded
Sikhal la
Kelak mek update banyak2.

Pics kat singapore i went last june pun lom share kan?
What a bad and lazy blogger i am hehe
Sorry if ada yang menunggu

Im currently in my room
Penat packing bags for my vacay starts today
The trip was planned quite a while now
Alhamdulilah urusan visa dan passport semua smooth je

My flight will be at 415pm today
Sampai lcct terus check in d tune hotel lcct
Then at 8pm my boyfriend will fetch us up for dinner
Ohhh i just cant wait to see him again
And u know, everytime nak jumpa kan kompom ada butterflies rasanya hehe
Dah nearly five months since he works in KL
But he will make his time to see me in kch every the end of the month
So im kinda okay with that

Eh bukan cerita nak travel ke tadi? Lol

Tomorrow morning at 8am naik flight to hangzhao airport
Lepas 2hari kat Hangzhao akan singgah ke Shanghai
Tak sabar nak pegi The Bund sebenanya
We all pegi ni ikut tour so tak risau sangatlah
Makan, hotel semua sekali dlm pakej.

On 15th next friday balik kl dah
And we will stay in kl for 2nights
Jalan2 dulu dengan my chenta
I bukan g trip dengan dia k
I gi w my mom, fatin and ida
My trip with him soon for our honeymoon :P

Oklah. Nak siap2 to airport dah
Doakan my trip selamat pegi and balik k

Till next update

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Tia said...

have fun and a safe journey!

kacak rumah baru tok dah...