Monday, July 22, 2013

ke mana menghilang?

hye all.

i dont know why lately mood ke laut nak update blog

im fine thank you if you've been wondering how im doing
just a bit lonely
my tersayang is not here anymore
he's now working in kl

actually on my birthday week i flew there to celebrate my special day
he paid for everything
im blessed!
well birthday girl kan? ;P

took 2days leave
flew there on 4th of july and he was there waiting for me at the klia
oh my that was the most beautiful sight i saw
looking at him standing there
with smiles on his face :D

actually we couldnt celebrate the special day on my bday itself
since he should be in terengganu for training thingy
i flew back to kch on 6th.
i balik kuching, dia plak kena naik flight to tganu
so sad at first but sokay at least his effort to make time for me is priceless
and we had so much fun
though it was so limited

ive never feel loved this much
and i love him back, more than he could ever imagined :)

i will share the pics soon
now i want to take shower
eh tu pun nak bgtau kannnn ;P

so till later

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