Thursday, October 25, 2012

sakae sushi

here i am in d middle of the nite
updating blog
really my forte i tell u

tuesday wednesday were my offdays
but i didnt spend much time at home myself
keluar mkn la lepak ngan kwn la

and so emm nak cita something but dont speku la orait
i had lunch last tuesday with a friend
whom i know from a friend of mine
since we both were singles so we emm trying to get to know each other better

he was in town for some errands
and asked me out for lunch
at sakae sushi
i was like sakae sushi???
dah bukak dah kee??

oh gembiranya org ajak makan sushi
macam tau2 jek its my fav

me. simple2 jek dahhhh

so we met at the spring
he wanted to fetch me up but he's not familiar with the kuching town yet
its ok with me though

sampai2 jek terus menuju ke sakae sushi
tanpa melengahkan masa lagi sbb we wereeee hungrehhh!

masok2 jek dpt meja nicely for two
paling best sbb ada sushis conveyor belt on every table
it goes all around the place
takde de ko nak bgn amik or nak susah payah order kena tggu

paling best ada ipad on every tables
senang nak order
just tap tap tap!

tunggu pun tak lama
kejap jek dah sampai

i suka salmon kan
mostly yg i order semua ada salmon

 i forgot this dish nama dia apa
macam nasik kepal ada isi salmon
goreng w telo
served w salad

 spicy salmon roll

 and this!
sedapnya ya ampuuunnn tapi kena behave hahaa

ada lagi ya yg kwn i order 
ada salmon serves w onions 
pun sedap
eh apa laaa yg tak sedap eh?

so masa makan tu kan my lemon ice tea dah abis ok
segan nyaaa nak order air lagi Tuhan jek tau
tapi kena la order jugak sbb kang tercekik dia jugak yg susah
so i nak order ice water jekkk
sekali dia kata smoothies dia sedap!
why la order air kosong jek dia tanya

tempted so i straightly ordered one for myself

 momo peach smoothies
highly recommended!

we spent mostly 2hrs chit chatting
he was a guy with a sense with humour
plus he got lots of things to talk
i mean a lot!
and it was interesting talking to him
its like we've known each other for years

his treats.
thank you very much! :)

and later we went to watch sinister
oh that movie so scary i dont want to talk about it
go watch yourself
like seriously!


thanx for the lunch and movie treat, my friend
well, he just called 
macam tauk jak org bekesah hal makan ngannya

and thanx for the book u bought for alya
she'll love it i know

over all, it was a wonderful day
twas nice meeting you
well i know u read my blog and now ure smiling reading it

time to sleep now
esok keja then raya cuti till monday!



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