Tuesday, July 25, 2017

34th birthday

 hye my readers!

my birthday was on 7th of july minggu lepas lepas punya friday
takde doa yg lain i mintak selain kesihatan, kebahagiaan, kemurahan rezeki dan dipermudahkan untuk mendapat zuriat :)

my hubs fetched me up like usual that friday but the unusual is i got flowers!!
lamaaaa i tak dapat bunga okehhhh
and there was a paperbag too
oh my ada perfumeeee!
oh oh i was soooo happy!

i was so suprised i didnt see it coming
because malam tu hubs planned to bring me out for dinner
so i tak expect la nak dapat bunga ke present ke kannn :P

the beautiful roses :D

malam tu hubs brought me to dinner at concorde KL
ada live band i sukaaaaaa

tetiba dorang sampai kat our table and they sang me a birthday song
oh my!!
suprised lagi!
and they sang another song which is sooo beautiful love song
memang terharu sangat! :)

 me and hubs tersayang

everything is nice at melting pot.
hati pun asyik melting je
the love i have for this guy is enormous
and countless
he is so kind to me and im sooooo lucky! :D

34 and proud of it

a shot with my new handbag he bought me in april
nice kannnnn hehehe
thats why i tak mintak apa2 dah for my birthday 
i just told him a nice dinner would do :)

till next entry! 

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